Ailments of the Ankle

Ailments of the Ankle, Knee and Shoulder InstituteThe ankle can develop a variety of ailments, which can cause discomfort and hamper the functional ability of the ankle. Board certified orthopedic surgeons Dr. Steven Thomas and Dr. Gregory Bigler provide fantastic, incredible, and critical solutions for ankle ailments. Patients in Las Vegas, Nevada and surrounding locations have an opportunity to receive cutting edge treatments from Dr. Thomas and Dr. Bigler.

Achilles Tendinitis

Achilles tendinitis refers to an inflammatory response, but it is limited by the fact that the Achilles tendon receives little blood supply. It involves inflammation of the enveloping sheath, degeneration within the substance of the tendon, or a combination of the two.

Achilles Tendinosis

In this ailment, the Achilles tendon becomes degenerative and inflamed. The tendon can swell and create pain. Athletes and patients with calf tightness may suffer from this condition. The condition may sometimes occur in the middle of the tendon or at the point where the heel bone and the tendon connect.

Ankle Fracture

Full or partial break in the ankle bone is called ankle fracture. It may involve the distal ends of the tibia, the fibula or both. Ankle fractures can range from less severe avulsion injuries to more serious, shattering type breaks. Some ankle fractures may also involve injury to vital ankle ligaments that allow the ankle to retain its normal position.

Ankle Sprain

Tearing of the ligaments of the ankle is known as an ankle sprain. Most commonly, the ankle sprain will occur on the lateral or outside portion of the ankle. This injury affects many people during a variety of activities. While usually it occurs in isolation, it may occasionally occur in the setting of an ankle fracture when the ankle bones are also broken.

Arthritis of the Foot and Ankle

As a person grows older, they may experience pain and stiffness in the ankles and feet, which could be arthritis. The nagging pain caused by this condition can worsen over time, if it is not treated early. Sometimes the pain may become so severe that the patient’s ability to walk is compromised. Severe arthritis of the foot and ankle can limit the quality of life, but treatment can slow the degeneration.

Chronic Lateral Ankle Pain

Chronic or recurring pain on the outer side of the ankle is called lateral ankle pain. This condition often develops following an ankle injury such as a sprained ankle. But sometimes other conditions may lead to the development of chronic lateral ankle pain.

High Ankle Sprain

The high ankle ligaments are located above the ankle, unlike the ligaments on the outside of the ankle which are more commonly injured. The high ankle ligaments connect the fibula and the tibia. A sprain in the high ankle may occur when there is damage and tearing of the high ankle ligaments.

Other ankle injuries include pilon fracture and talus fracture, which are more complex problems to treat. Dr. Thomas and Dr. Bigler are board certified orthopedic surgeons receiving patients from Las Vegas, Nevada for various ankle treatments.

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