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Elbow Injury Treatment, Knee and Shoulder Institute

Elbow is the joint where bones, cartilage, ligaments and fluid converge to ease the rotation of the forearm. There are muscles and tendons in this area that further aid movement of the elbow joint. An elbow injury stems from the wear and tear or any kind of damage in this structure. While injury of the funny bone can cause intense pain followed by numbness, the sensation fades away after some time. In some other cases though the injury could be serious, which ultimately might affect movement. For treating such chronic and serious elbow injury, Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon Steven C. Thomas and Gregory T. Bigler recommend surgery for patients based in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Types of elbow injury

Experiencing persistent symptoms like pain, numbness, sore arm, swelling, redness could all be a sign of some elbow injury, the common types are as follows:

Tennis elbow

Lateral Epicondylitis is the medical term for a very common elbow injury, Tennis Arm. When tendons connecting the forearm and the bony portion of the elbow are damaged due to overuse, it leads to this particular medical condition. The term origins from a common tennis injury, which happens while hitting backhand. In case of this injury, the patient needs to be immediately treated with the RICE method – Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation – followed by an X-Ray of the effected area.

Golfer’s elbow

A common sports injury, golfer’s elbow or medical epicondylitis is caused by inflammation of the tendons attaching the forearm and bony structure of inner elbow. Primary symptoms of this injury will be soreness, localized pain and tenderness. A combination of ice-packs, isolation and medications like pain killers is used to provide relief. In children this condition is called Little Leaguer’s elbow.


When you hit your elbow hard against a surface or an edge, some major swelling might happen, which are symptoms of Bursitis. The inflammation of the bursa due to an injury, trauma or even a local infection causes swelling, though movement isn’t much affected. You might consider visiting a physician for extreme pain and swelling.

Muscle sprain

Sprain is the most common form of injury related to muscles and tendons and can occur in any part of the body. Usually for elbows, sprains happen due to over-extension or when the elbow is simply jammed. Depending upon severity of the injury, age and other related factors, you can opt for natural healing or surgery, that yields quick and effective results.

Elbow fractures

At the elbow joint or adjacent to the joint, bones can suffer wear and tear or even break to cause severe pain and dislocation. It is ideal to get an X-Ray done for diagnosis of the fracture and its severity. Recovery from an elbow fracture requires immobilization and use of a cast, at times though serious injury might require orthopedic surgery for relief.

Treatment of elbow injury

Orthopedist’s and orthopedic surgeon’s opinion is a must for treating any injury related to the elbow. However certain first-aid treatment could be given for immediate relief:

− Apply the RICE method for pain reduction.

− Use a cast or any support for the effected area while minimizing movement of elbow.

− A physician should be consulted for better advice, and in severe cases or for chronic pain surgical procedures could help.

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